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An exciting new series joins the adventures of Alfie and Pepper. This time I am joined by my daughter Georgina Lawson in writing 
Maimie in the Mobile. 
Imagination can take you anywhere!
Available on Amazon from Friday 6th October.

Alfie & Pepper
Maimie in the Mobile

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Alfie and Pepper - Two Different Dogs - Many Adventures

Here are the six books in the adventures of Alfie and Pepper.

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In 2012, I was diagnosed with a condition called Hairy Cell Leukaemia. Following the diagnosis, I started writing about my dogs, Alfie and Pepper (I'm still yet to tell them they're famous), as a way of keeping myself focused. I wrote one story at a time, to see where it took me.


Fast forward to 2020 and the UK was in lockdown. As I had to shield during the first lockdown I decided to start writing again, to make good use of my time. So I wrote a further eight stories, all of which, are more adventures of Alfie and Pepper. Recording the stories also allowed me to delve further into their identities. Pepper, the Welsh Border Collie, is the wise one guiding Alfie through each and every day - Alfie is the cheeky chappie who just wants treats. I'm hoping that Alfie learns a thing or two from Pepper along the way, but we shall see!


Like many of us, I needed something to keep me sane during the long lockdowns - writing and recording these stories did just that! In November 2020, I had the first story 'Alfie and Pepper go to the Farm Park' printed.

A perfect gift idea for your young child or children!

 For your copy please order through Amazon or via your local bookshop.

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November 2020

Alfie and Pepper are two doggy best friends that live together. Each day, they wake up ready for another adventure. Alfie tags along for the treats and food, mostly, but we don't mention that in front of him.

Alfie and Pepper go to the Farm Park
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A massive thank you to 'ALEXart and design, Derbyshire' for the wonderful illustrations you'll see throughout the book!

If you click on the slideshow here, there is a link to their Facebook page, where you can see more of their work.

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